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Sorapro was developed with many people in mind: solar installers, owners, shoppers, and anyone interested in the progression of the solar industry. Never before have you been able to check the output of your solar system, discuss solar with others, and check industry news all in the same place.

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Empower yourselves and your clients with SORAPRO. Installation takes less than 1 hour and networking is plug and play. If you run in to problems or simply have questions, our support team awaits your call or email.

Ensure your installations are keeping you above your competition. Get SORAPRO today.


solar owners Congratulations for installing solar power on your home or business. Isn’t it great having little or no utility bill? Isn’t is also great to be able to collect a check for contributing to the environmental benefit of solar through SRECs?

Once the dust settles on your new purchase, ask yourself these questions: Am I saving and earning as much as I should be with my solar array? Is my system operating properly?quick quotedivider-line

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Solar Shoppers:

Thank you for your interest in solar power. Sorapro is a powerful connection forum where you can consult with your peers regarding your burning questions. Educate yourself; find out what others are installing and why they are choosing the materials that they are. Find out how well their systems are performing and what their recommendations are.

Once you settle on what you want installed and whom will install it, make sure it comes bundled with The Solar Monitor to ensure that you can rest assured that your system is operating properly and getting your return on investment as quickly as possible.

Solar Researchers:

Our staff is constantly scouring our sources to compile the most comprehensive news source on solar power. From new products to SREC spot market pricing to potential legislation changes, we won’t rest until everyone is informed. Stop in daily to get updates on market changes and news.

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